Riding for the disabled has a history of successes that extends back to Europe in the 1940s, when a few therapists began to
use the gentle, rhythmic movement of the horse to stimulate the motion of human walking for the disabled rider.  They found
that this motion relaxes the rider’s muscles and stimulates the development of muscle tone, coordination, mobility and flexibility.

The discipline and concentration required to ride has proven to be of great benefit to the mentally and emotionally impaired.  
The experience and the sense of individual accomplishment create new incentives for learning and enhance self-esteem.
Above all, riding is therapy for the spirit.
These are the precepts upon which Banbury Cross Therapeutic Equestrian Center was founded.

The center is located in Metamora, Michigan, an area steeped in equine tradition.
The Banbury Cross facility perfectly suits the needs of a therapeutic riding center.  Students use a heated observation room
as their lounge and classroom while they prepare for their lessons.  From the large windows, visitors can view the riding
classes in the indoor arena.  Weather permitting, students enjoy the outdoor ring or delight in cross-country rides on the farm.

At Banbury Cross, we welcome students with both physical and cognitive challenges into the program.  Our students come
from a variety of backgrounds from throughout southeastern Michigan,and they range in age from three years to adult.  
However, they all have one thing in common:  the ability to grow emotionally and improve overall physical fitness
through our structured program of horseback riding.

Therapeutic riding classes at Banbury Cross are directed by a certified instructor, who was trained to recognize
and work with the challenges of mentally and physically disabled students by PATH International.
Through proven therapeutic riding techniques and caring personal attention, the instructor guides and teaches students,
helping them to progress and gain a new sense of independence and self-esteem.

The horses at Banbury Cross also play a key role in the success of our students. Their contribution includes not only the skill
and patience they show when carrying an untrained rider, but also the trust and friendship they inspire from the students.
Because of the special and beautiful relationship that develops between horse and rider, donations of horses are carefully
screened for disposition and suitability.

Banbury Cross is fortunate to have many dedicated and attentive volunteers, who enjoy working with people and have a true
appreciation for horses.  During each lesson, our volunteers are available to assist both the instructor and the students as
they learn and practice the therapeutic exercises.  Banbury Cross volunteers offer encouragement and experience to all our
students and soon discover that they get as much inspiration from our students as they give.  Helping each student grow and
reach his or her potential is not always a simple task, but it is always rewarding when goals are met.  Our volunteers often
become the key to new and exciting experiences…for both the students and themselves.

Banbury Cross Therapeutic Equestrian Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities
for therapeutic riding to individuals in southeastern Michigan.  We are a PATH International Premier Accredited Center
and strictly follow all techniques for teaching and standards for safety established by the association.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of a cross-section of successful business and community leaders and
professional people, many of whom are also experienced equestrians. As they make decisions and guide the
direction of Banbury Cross Therapeutic Equestrian Center, our board of Directors continuously keep in mind the
needs and interests of our students and their family.

As a nonprofit organization, Banbury Cross welcomes and appreciates support and donations from our community and its
leaders. Many people, organizations and companies have generously offered their assistance in terms of time, services and
money to help Banbury Cross grow and mature. With their help and that of others in the future, we will continue to provide
quality therapeutic equestrian services and opportunities f
or individuals with special needs.
A Brief Overview
PATH International has partnered with Wounded Warriors Project (WWP)
to provide equine assisted therapy for WWP alumni.  WWP has made a
significant grant to PATH International for the purpose of awarding
scholarships to centers. Banbury Cross TEC has been selected as one of
only 30 of these centers to receive this important grant, as well as the
opportunity to serve our worthy veterans.  We look forward to this
collaboration.  If you, or anyone you know is a veteran who would be
interested in participating in this opportunity, or volunteering with this
amazing group, please contact our office.
Two of our Wounded Warrior Riders

Greg Lusignan on Malabar
Lou Swift on Kasim